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You have found that great guy, how do you keep him?

Finding that perfect guy you have been looking for is not as easy and simple as it may look. The problem is not because there are shortages of single men looking for dating partner. Often women get frustrated because many single men out there seem not interested in serious relationship. So the big question is now that you have found that great guy, how do you get him to commit?

Always be yourself and avoid creating impressions of what you are not

There is always that anxiety in some women when they meet someone first. Such anxiety often may lead some women to try to create some false impressions. But there is no problem in wanting to leave a good impression on your date. The problem is that so many women tend to overdo it by leaving false impressions of someone they are not. If you do this chances are that on the long run you may not be able to keep up with the image you created.

Dressing too sexy and seductive

When you are going out for that first date, do not reveal too much of what is behind that great body. While men may give impression about their affection and attraction to sexy and seductive looking women, the truth is that when they are making decisions of who to chose for a serious relationship and possibly marriage they often do not chose from the over revealing type of women.

Be patient; don’t be too much in a hurry

When it comes to serious relationships most men tend to be a little conservative. So on that first date, do not reveal too much of those feminine features. Many men do not take women who do not respect their bodies very seriously for purposes of serious relationships. Show as much on your first date to keep him excited about the body inside but don’t overdo it. Be patient and work to build love and trust first, and everything else will follow.

Have Confidence in yourself

Always portray yourself as a very confident person. Compliment him but portray yourself as a very cool, calm and self reliable professional. Don’t be clingy, and allow some breathing room between both of you. Give your new relationship time to develop. If he is too much in a hurry, it is often not a very good sign of a possible serious relationship.

Be positive

It is very important to be perceived as a very a happy person. Avoid sending wrong signals of being too possessive. Most guys dislike that type of behavior. Don’t be controlling or moody. Create a very positive image of an optimistic and caring person. Avoid being negative and don’t be a ‘drama queen’. Men like relationships that emphasize happiness and relaxation. If you go into a new relationship that makes a man’s life more difficult chances are he will lose interest very quickly. Show concern when you sense some intenseness in him. When you do that you build up his trust and confidence, and he will repay you in kind someday as well.

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